Basics of the IHS

Educational and Research Aims of this Program

We aim to educate the leaders of the next generation who will help build the multicultural society of the future through a coherent five-year doctorate program that is interdisciplinary and covers a combination of different fields of study.

Ideal Human Resources

Integrated Human Sciences is a new form of learning that will equip the future leaders of the multicultural society with a broad perspective and the ability to apply their high-level academic knowledge and expertise to the creation of new values. The program aims to produce the leaders of the next generation who will utilize the knowledge and skills gained through the study of Integrated Human Sciences to solve the problems facing the multicultural society of the 21st century.

Basic Information

Program staff

Participating graduate schools / departments
2 graduate schools / 6 departments

[Graduate School of Arts and Sciences]
Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
Language and Information Sciences
Area Studies
Advanced Social and International Studies
Multi-Disciplinary Sciences

[Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies]
Interdisciplinary Information Studies

Program coordinator
Takumi Moriyama
(Professor, Department of Area Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

This program is run in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Executive Management Program (EMP) which brings together the future leaders of industry and government.