Call for Applications: “Joint Seminar: The University of Tokyo - Freie Universität Berlin”

The Educational Project 4 “Producing Multicultural Communities" and the Educational Project 5 “Cultural Diversity and Imagination“ are pleased to announce applications for a joint seminar between the University of Tokyo and Freie Universität Berlin (Free University Berlin), which will be held in Berlin, Germany, in March of 2018.

The theme of this year’s workshop is “Diversity in the age of Digitization and Globalization”.

The seminar will consist of three parts:

  • Two-day “Academic Communication Workshop” with students of FU to learn presentation and communication skills in English in academic settings.
  • Group work and presentations on themes concerning the interpretation and understanding of “diversity” in German and Japanese society.
  • Excursions to sites in historic and cultural Berlin.
    All events will take place in English.
    There will be also some preliminary activities in Japan including attending the Symposium of re-thinking Media and Gender Expression ” (メディアと表現を考えるシンポジウム) on December 16 (Sat.).

Instructors: Prof. Yujin Yaguchi, Prof. Kaori Hayashi, Dr. Misook Lee

For those who wish to join this UT-FUB Joint seminar, upon reading the application requirements below, please submit the statement of purpose by November 20th (Monday), midnight (24:00 JST) to project4[at]

Tentative Schedule

3/3 (Sat.) to 3/10 (Sat.)

  • 3/3 (Sat.): Tokyo to Berlin
  • 3/4 (Sun.): Field Work
  • 3/5 (Mon.): Joint Seminar for Presentation
  • 3/6 (Tue.): Joint Seminar for Presentation
  • 3/7 (Wed.): Joint Workshop (Research Presentation)
  • 3/8 (Thu.): Field Work
  • 3/9 (Fri.): Berlin to Tokyo
  • 3/10 (Sat.): Arrival in Tokyo

* Note: The schedule is subject to change based on discussions among participants.


Berlin, Germany

Number of Applicants Accepted:

approx. 6 IHS students
* Note: Selection will be based on the submitted application document.

Statement of purpose

  1. Students who wish to take part in the seminar should write a short statement in English explaining how your current research theme is related to the issue of “diversity”, why you think the concept “diversity” enriches your scholarly work and what you wish to gain by studying in Berlin. The essay should be no longer than 800 words.
  2. Send an email titled "Application for Joint Seminar" with your statement as an attached document to project4[at] by November 20th (Wednesday), midnight (24:00 JST)

Participation Requirements

  1. As a student of the IHS Program, applicants must show a strong will to actively engage in the educational activities.
  2. Upon completion of the activities, participants must submit a report.

Additional Important Information

  1. Travel costs, including hotels, will be provided to participants who are selected.
  2. By taking part in this program, participants acknowledge that pictures, video, or audio recordings of the program activities may be taken for promotional purposes.