Call for Applications: "Joint Seminar: The University of Tokyo - Freie Universität Berlin"

The Educational Project 4 "Producing Multicultural Communities" is calling for participation in the Joint Seminar between the University of Tokyo and Freie Universität Berlin (Free University Berlin), which will be held in Berlin, Germany in February of 2016.

The main theme of the 2016 Joint Seminar is "Fostering Coexistence in a Globalizing World".
In this rapid globalizing world, we have been witnessing many conflicts related to the issues of immigration, refugees, gender and economic inequality. The increase in human mobility beyond international borders has given rise to questions on how to produce multicultural coexistence with the peoples of different cultures. The increase of the aggression of minorities in public discourses, media practices, and representations also challenges how we can construct the values and ethics required for coexistence. From their specific research interests, participants will discuss the difficulties, challenges, and efforts for fostering coexistence in various contexts and issues. Those students interested in rethinking the values, ethics and methods for fostering coexistence in national / transnational arenas, please apply to this UT-FUB Joint Seminar of 2016.

The Joint Seminar will be constituted of an academic writing seminar, a joint workshop with graduate students from Freie Universität Berlin, and student led excursions for field trips.

For those who wish to join this UT-FUB Joint seminar, upon reading the application requirements below, please submit a statement of purpose by November 30st (Monday), midnight (24:00 JST) to project4[at]

Tentative Schedule:

February 22nd to 28th (Sun, arrival back in Japan)

  • 2/22 (Mon): IHS Participants are going to Berlin.
  • 2/23 (Tue): Joint Workshop: The University of Tokyo - Freie Universität Berlin
  • 2/24 (Wed): Joint Seminar for Writing/Publishing
  • 2/25 (Thu): Joint Seminar for Writing/Publishing
  • 2/26 (Fri): Research Activity (Field Trip) initiated by Students
  • 2/27 (Sat): IHS Participants return to Tokyo. (Arrival - 28)


Berlin, Germany

Number of Applicants Accepted:

5 IHS students (Maximum)
* Note: Selection will be based on the submitted statement of purpose essays.

Statement of purpose:

  1. Provide the reason for why you wish to participate, and explain what activities that you hope to conduct during your visit. (Such as visiting specific sites that are related to your research and career)
  2. The document should be written in either English or Japanese.
  3. One page, A4 size (No limit on the number of words or characters).

Application Period:

November 30st (Mon), by midnight 24:00 (JST)

Contact Information:

Those who wish to participate in this program should send a email titled "Application for Joint Seminar" with their attached statement of purpose to project4[at]

Participation Requirements:

  1. As a student of the IHS Program, applicants must show a strong will to actively engage in the educational activities.
  2. All participants must take part in the academic writing seminar.
  3. Participants must present their research at the Joint Workshop with the Freie Universität Berlin graduate students.
  4. Upon completion of the activities, participants must submit a report.

Additional Important Information:

  1. Travel costs, including hotels, will be provided to participants who are selected.
  2. By taking part in this program, participants acknowledge that pictures, video, or audio recordings of the program activities may be taken for promotional purposes.

Organized by:

The Educational Project 4 "Producing Multicultural Communities" The University of Tokyo Program for Leading Graduate Schools Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity (IHS)