Special Lectures by Sankar Venkateswaran

Special Lectures by Sankar Venkateswaran

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東京大学大学院博士課程教育リーディングプログラム 多文化共生・統合人間学プログラム(IHS)教育プロジェクト1「生命のかたち」


  1. "International Theatre Festival of Kerala"
    Date: 18:30-21:00, Feb. 9, Monday, 2015
    Venue: Seminar Room, 2F, Bldg. 101, University of Tokyo, Komaba
    Discussant: Nabi Ito (IHS)
  2. "On Indian Contemporary Theatre"
    Date: 14:00-17:00, Feb. 13, Friday, 2015
    Venue: Seminar Room, 2F, Bldg. 101, University of Tokyo, Komaba



In 2002 Sankar Venkateswaran graduated from Calicut University School of Drama & Fine Arts with a first rank specializing in theatre direction, after which he specialized in acting and completed Theatre Training and Research Programme (TTRP, now ITI) in Singapore.

In 2007 he founded Theatre Roots & Wings and produced five productions so far, which are; 1) Quick Death (2008) with a full support from India Foundation for the Arts. 2) Sahyande Makan- The Elephant Project (2008) with Micari, a distinguished actor from Japan, which traveled extensively in India and abroad including New Delhi, Mumbai, and Gimhae, Korea. 3) Shogo Ohta's silent play The Water Station (2011), which was co-produced by The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, with an all-India cast, traveled across the country. 4) 101 Lullabies (2012), which is an open ended voice performance based on Indian epic Mahabharata. 5) Henrik Ibsen's When We Dead Awaken (2012), which was commissioned by Delhi Ibsen Festival.

Apart from directing for Theatre Roots & Wings, he has been invited to direct plays outside, which include Bhasa's Urubhangam (2009), for which he was invited to Japan by The Japan Foundation and Shinshu University. The play was with a cast of all-Japanese actors, and premiered at the Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre in Nagano, Japan, and Neerina Niluthana for Marutirugata Repertory Company of Ninasam Theatre Institute, Karnataka. Also for Ninasam Theatre Institute, he directed Anton Chekhov's The Seagull (2012), a silent play Guruthillathe Nadatha Galike (2013) based on Peter Handke's The Hour We Knew Nothing Of Each Other and Samuel Beckett's The Lost Ones (2014).