Call for Paper for Workshop on Human Security Cooperation
Based on a Normative Order in Asia and a Study Tour in Australia

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「共生のプラクシス 市民社会と地域という思想」教育プロジェクト


Background and Purpose: The University of Tokyo (UoT) will start a new graduate program: Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity (IHS) in April 2014. For promotion of IHS, the above captioned Workshop will be held in Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra and a study tour in Sydney and Melbourne will be organized in mid-March 2014. The IHS consists of several educational projects, and the workshop is organized by the educational project "Praxis of Cultural Diversity: The Thought of Civil Society and Local Communities."

Contents: Based on inter-disciplinary studies, the Workshop will discuss contemporary issues on human security such as post-conflict development issues, refugees/internally displaced people, natural disaster management, food security, health security, transnational organized crime, and people smuggling as well as discuss, if possible, how to promote cooperation to deal with these issues in Asia base on a normative order harmonized with its cultural diversity. The selected students will not only present their papers in it, but also visit relevant places in Sydney and Melbourne to explore their interests and find opportunities for fieldworks and internships for IHS.
Benefits: All the costs will be covered by the UoT under its regulations in principle.

Qualification: Graduate Students of the UoT who are interested in the HIS program; one of the main themes below is addressed in the paper (no more than 3000 words).
Deadline of the submission of its abstract (no more than 400 words): Monday 3 February 2014 at noon by an email attachment in the form of Word file at shogo.shimizu78[at] ([at] is replaced by @) Please identify the relevant theme(s).

Date: 18 March 2014 (tbc)
Venue: ANU College of Law (tbc)

Organizers: Yasunobu Sato of the UoT and Hitoshi Nasu of ANU
Format: Panel Discussions by the students of the UoT and of ANU, followed by comments from ANU and UoT experts in the field.
Main themes:
1. Peace and Conflict
2. Refugees and IDPs: Protection, Resettlement, including victims of natural disaster
3. Human Trafficking and People Smuggling
4. Inequality: Development, Market Economy and Civil Society