The Program Progress Chart


Our Program Progress Chart is an interactive learning-support tool that helps promote student learning. It assists students in assessing their own progress by tracking the degree to which they were successful in accomplishing the goals that they set for themselves when entering the IHS program. Specifically, the Chart makes it easy for students to assess their progress in acquiring foreign language skills as well as in fulfilling their declared plans of studying abroad and serving as interns. It also clearly shows whether the students were able to successfully master the essential skills and acquire the personality traits that the program seeks to help them develop (insight, integration, creativity, and cooperativeness). The Chart is an interactive space where students share ideas with faculty members and their international mentors over the course of the five years of study. Students describe their activities in both Japanese and English.

"The Program Progress Chart" was developed with the goal of enabling faculty members who have various specializations and are based at different campuses and in different countries to assist students in their learning process. It is an essential learning tool that was developed especially for the IHS program with the goal of providing tailor-made education for each student.