On the Issue of Hate Speech and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Japanese Society

On the Issue of Hate Speech and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Japanese Society – Thinking From the Film Clash of Colors: LA Riots of 1992 (2008)

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July 20th (Wed) 16:30 - 19:00
Media Studio iiiUTokyo (7th Floor, iii Main Building, Hongo Campus)
Film Title
Clash of Colors: LA Riots of 1992 (2008)
Chung, Jihye (RA, IHS・Project 4; PhD Student at GSII)
Film Language
English (with Japanese subtitle)
Discussion Language
English and Japanese
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In recent years, issues such as hate speech against minority groups in Japanese society, such as Korean immigrants, has become a noticeable problem. As a result, on May 24th 2016 the Diet passed the Anti Hate Speech Law, and the future development will be a noteworthy phenomenon.

In fact, more than 20 years ago, in 1992 in Los Angeles, the United States, there was a riot believed to result from disputes between different races. However, was it really so that the increase of loathe between different races caused the riot? In this 2008 film, a Korean-American lawyer David D. Kim brings us back to the incident and tries to examine in detail the actual situations.

Behind the struggles between races and nations are various factors such as social, economic, or political ones. In this film screening event, and in the discussions following the screening, we would like to talk about the issue of racism and the vision of culturally diversified society that have been much debated recently in the Japanese society.

Organized by
The Educational Project 4 "Producing Multicultural Communities: Methods, Designs, and Praxes", Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity (IHS Program), The University of Tokyo

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