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"A Study of Learning for Kyosei to Welcome or Face the Other - from the View of Alterity of Okinawa -"

 This study examines to build a theory on education for 'live together', or 'Kyosei', with taking into account the new position of 'the others' in the context of pedagogy, after critically reviewing the methodologies of traditional education which emphasizes the intellectual understanding when we think about the others as a key of the realization of Kyosei.
 Meanwhile, it focuses on Okinawa to consider alterity. Specifically, it examines two relationships; one is the relationship between 'the others as experiencing persons of Battle of Okinawa' and the post-war generation. Another is the relationship between 'the others as Okinawan" and Japanese.
 This study, therefore, intends to explore how the theoretical perspective of modern education criticism will be embodied in the field of educational practices for building society of 'Kyosei', through a concrete example of ’the others' related to Okinawa.

Enrollment Motivation - Career Plan

 The reason is that I think this program will suit a purpose of my research, which is to develop the way of educational practices to support for facing heterogeneity, or "others" from various concepts and realties of symbiosis or “Kyosei” beyond the existing academic disciplines.
 As my future career, I have a plan to get involved in two things; one is to develop teaching materials or educational practices which will shake or reflect on a traditional normative conscious in Japanese school, through the existing flame such as international understanding education or peace education, and so on. The second thing is to support young people who are trying to changing the situation in Okinawa.


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