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Graduate School

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Multidisciplinary Sciences



Research Project

I am interested in origami engineering.

Especially, I am working on

・Classification, analysis, and generation of origami tessellation by using topological crystallography

・Rigid foldable planar quadrilateral mesh

・Edge extrusion approach to generate the extruded Miura-ori and
variation of double tiling patterns(abstract accepted at 7OSME http://osme.info/7osme/index.html)
abstract: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14T4w7fQM_LzMVJom4qY35X3aflxFPM-6/view?usp=sharing

Enrollment Motivation - Career Plan

I plan to study what is needed to realize the society which can admit diversity by using technology.

Next generational biomechanic artificial leg by Hugh Herr is one of the example of that(https://www.ted.com/talks/hugh_herr_the_new_bionics_that_let_us_run_climb_and_dance?language=ja). By attaching adaptive driving force, he overcame the
passive walking which happened when using previous artificial leg. It could change handicap which is not having legs into diversity.

However, it is dangerous to completely believe technology. The important thing is how to parapeterize phenomenons, and to think which field should we deal with these. At least, I want to be able to judge which field should we choose.

I would like to be an person who can cross the boundary between industry and academics. Fortunately, in my research field, we can get research theme which comes from social problems. Thus, one time I try to solve industrial problem, and the other time I try to write thesis which comes from industrial problem if it is academically interesting. I will really grad if I can flexibly behave between these fields.


Master 1st year