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My main topic for my PhD course is to figure out the relation between theory of computation and physics. Theory of computation allows us to evaluate the hardness of mathematically defined "problems". My purpose is to explore the possibility of applying it to physics and deduce physical claims from it. More precisely, I am thinking about connecting spin glass models and average case complexity theory.

Enrollment Motivation - Career Plan

My interest is the "real life impact" of theory of computation and my research project focuses on one aspect of it, namely the impact to physics. I am also interested in applying it to broader topics such as opinion dynamics in society, or machine learning in general.
My latter interests are due to the applicability of them to real society. I am sure that IHS would provide me, and I could also provide to other participants ideas which otherwise wouldn't have been thought at all but is crucial in order to analyze society from an integrated perspective.

My career plan is to become a very open minded physicist who is capable of having socially important research topics as well as hard-core physics. I am also open to possibilities of entering companies which mobilize mathematical and computational techniques to tackle real life problems, such as consultants etc.


Spin glass, Computational Complexity, LGBT, philosophy, Quantum Annealing, Machine Learning


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