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Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology


Socio-cultural Studies



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I am interested in social aspects of inequality: how social positions such as class and education influence people’s life chances. I examine the relationship between social inequality and family formation, especially focusing on the question of how social inequality is created through the process of family formation and how it shapes our life chances during the period when children are in the preschool ages, in which education for them are most ‘privatized’.

Enrollment Motivation - Career Plan

I am currently working on influence of women's better access to higher education and labor market, and an increasing number of educational assortative marriage on household inequality in my country, Japan, because few stratification and family researchers have examined this field with an interest in explaining the formation of macro-level inequality through looking at the micro-level mechanisms of individuals.
I think working in a research institute or university would be one of my career prospects.


Sociology, Social Mobility, Social Research Methods, Family, Stratification


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