Social Engagements


IHS aims to nurture scholars with doctoral degrees playing leadership roles in various fields. We encourage students to engage with society by providing a unique course in collaboration with the Executive Management Program (EMP) of the University of Tokyo, which offers learning opportunities for professional practitioners in such fields as public policy, medicine, and law.

  • In this course for social engagement, EMP alumni lecture on cutting-edge issues in their fields. (This lecture has been closed on March 31st, 2019.) The course syllabi (in Japanese) can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

    EMP collaboration lecture 2015
    EMP collaboration lecture 2014

  • EMP alumni also serve as mentors who advise students on their career development from the perspective of practitioners. We also offer students opportunities for daily engagement with practitioners, such as field trips with EMP alumni. These experiences will help them become more resilient thinkers capable of adapting to a world that is always changing.

  • We require students to undertake internships outside and inside of the university. Through internal internships, students are exposed to research fields outside of their own expertise.