Selection Procedure

There are two different selection procedures for the IHS programme.

  1. Major Programme Selection
    Selection through IHS’s own entrance examination. Students selected through this process will be affiliated upon admission to the University to one of the following 4 departments: Language and Information Sciences, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Area Studies, Advanced Social and International Studies.
  2. Sub-Major Programme Selection
    Selection for students already enroled in the University, who will follow the IHS programme as a “sub-major” programme.

Major Programme students will follow the curriculum unique to the IHS programme, and pursue their studies in line with their own research interests, while being formally affiliated to one of the 4 departments mentioned above. In order to complete their studies, they must undergo the completion examination conducted by the IHS programme. Upon completion of their studies, the students will be awarded the degrees of “Master of Integrated Human Sciences” and “Doctor of Integrated Human Sciences”.

Sub-Major Programme students will be affiliated to and will pursue their studies in the department in which they have been enroled, while following in addition the curriculum unique to the IHS programme. In order to complete their studies, they must undergo the completion examination in the departments to which they are affiliated and will be awarded the Master's and Doctoral degrees conferred by the departments of their affiliation.

1. Major Programme Selection

Places Available

12 (for entrance into the Master's course)
While the candidates will be required to choose and state the departments of their preference according to their research topics at the time of application, the number of successful candidates allocated to each of the four departments is not predetermined, and the selection will be conducted for the IHS programme as a whole.

DepartmentsPlaces Available
(Master's Students)
Language and Information Sciences
Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
Area Studies
Advanced Social and International Studies

Application Requirements

See '1. Application Requirements' in the IHS Application Guideline. [in Japanese]

Selection Method

See '3. Selection Method' in the IHS Application Guideline. [in Japanese]

2. Sub-Major Programme Selection

Places Available

Only a few (new entrants to the Master’s course, including those admitted for autumn entrance)

Application Requirements

To apply for this programme, you must be a newly enroled Master's student at a graduate school of the University of Tokyo and fulfil all of the requirements listed below. *1

  • Fully understand the purpose of the IHS programme, as well as its rules, such as course requirements, and recognize that credits obtained in this programme may not count towards the credits required for the completion of the course in your home department. *2
  • Plan to study in a Doctoral programme of your home department.
  • Understand that you are expected to continue studying in the IHS programme, even if your application to the JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (DC1) is successful.
  • Understand and agree to the fact that your PhD diploma will bear a note saying that you have completed the IHS programme.
  • Must obtain your supervisor's consent to study in this programme, when admitted. *3

1) You are not allowed to be an IHS student if you are enroled as a student in the Graduate Schools of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine (excluding the School of International Health at the Graduate School of Medicine and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences).
2) You may not simultaneously apply for the IHS and other Leading Graduate School programmes.

Credits obtained in this programme will be included in the credits required for the completion of the course in the 4 humanities and social sciences departments at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (excluding special programmes), and in the Department of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies. You must inquire yourself whether other departments (including the Department of Multi-Disciplinary Sciences at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) allow the credits to be included in the credits required for the completion of the course in these departments.

You will need to ask your supervisor to sign a consent form that will be provided upon the success of your application.

Selection Method

Selection will be based on the prospective students' application documents (applicant information and statement) and interviews. Please note that your application may be rejected at the document review stage, and you may not be invited to the interview.

Stipend Information

Students in the IHS programme receive a monthly stipend of 150,000 yen in their master's programme and of 200,000 yen in their doctoral programme. * However, the stipend may be reduced as a result of a qualifying examination at the end of every academic year and depending on the changes in the annual budget. You can decline to receive the stipend, even if you still are on the programme.

Note that recipients of the stipend are not allowed to receive other financial aids or part-time job earnings. Should you be given a JSPS research fellowship (DC1 or DC2), you will automatically be disqualified from receiving the IHS stipend (you still can be on the programme). For further information, contact the IHS office.

* The IHS stipend will count as miscellaneous income and will be taxed. You must file a tax return by March 15 of the following year. The IHS office will send you the necessary papers in January.