Basics of the IHS

Educational and Research Aims of this Program

We aim to educate the leaders of the next generation who will help build the multicultural society of the future through a coherent five-year doctorate program that is interdisciplinary and covers a combination of different fields of study.

Ideal Human Resources

Integrated Human Sciences is a new form of learning that will equip the future leaders of the multicultural society with a broad perspective and the ability to apply their high-level academic knowledge and expertise to the creation of new values. The program aims to produce the leaders of the next generation who will utilize the knowledge and skills gained through the study of Integrated Human Sciences to solve the problems facing the multicultural society of the 21st century.

Basic Information

Program staff 87
Participating graduate schools /
2 graduate schools / 6 departments
[Graduate School of Arts and Sciences]
  • Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
  • Language and Information Sciences
  • Area Studies
  • Advanced Social and International Studies
  • Multi-Disciplinary Sciences
[Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies]
  • Interdisciplinary Information Studies
Program coordinator Takumi Moriyama
(Professor, Department of Area Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

This program is run in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Executive Management Program (EMP) which brings together the future leaders of industry and government.

Integrated Human Sciences: Cultivating Four Abilities



This is the ability to face the surrounding environment and to grasp the world without disregarding fine changes, and to locate problems brought along by cultural diversity using a keen sense of judgment of importance. This program trains students to identify and investigate the problems associated with cultural diversity in the global society from a perspective that is broader than that provided by the discipline of their expertise alone, and to regard them as their own.


This is the ability to propose a new model of society based on accomplishing the ideal of cultural diversity. This program educates students to create new values, propose social orders for the next generation, and realize a social vision bringing about true innovation to society.


This program aims at training students to have an international way of thinking. It encourages them to acquire fluency in at least three foreign languages and to interact with different people with sympathy and understanding. Our students learn to collaborate at an intellectual level with a wide range of people whom they come to know both inside and outside the University.


This is the ability to elegantly combine and make use of available knowledge in order to resolve conflicts and realize the ideal of cultural diversity. The IHS program teaches students to investigate problems through applying an interdisciplinary approach and a clear logic, to face difficulties according to circumstances. Students are expected to write doctoral dissertations that reflect the results of their careful consideration concerning the interrelationship between various disciplines.

Examples of Employment Opportunities for Our Students

Using Knowledge in the Field of the Humanities to Contribute to Society

  • Program officer at an arts council (at the country or municipal level)
  • International curator
  • Curator at domestic and international museums
  • General Manager at a public theater
  • Officer for the promotion of culture and the arts at public agencies (at the country or municipal level)
  • Person in charge of corporate support of the arts Development consultant
  • Various positions at developmental NGOs / Think-tanks

Solving the Problems of Inequality and Tackling Human Rights Issues

Holding positions at the following organizations:
  • The World Bank
  • WFP
  • UNDP
  • International NGOs (Amnesty International etc.)
  • NPOs
  • Serving as a diplomatic attaché in the developing countries
  • Becoming a medical coordinator in the developing countries
  • Holding concurrent appointments (serving at an assistance organizations, such as JICA, while simultaneously working at a University
Human Rights

Solving Immigration Issues

[Positions in Japan]
  • Immigration policy specialist
  • Caseworker specializing in cultural diversity
  • Social worker (not only in municipalities, but also in companies that have foreign workers)
  • Resettlement coordinator
  • Interpreter for refugee status applicants
  • Expert witness
[Positions Abroad]
  • Policy planner and supervisor of international cooperation (specialist working at the World Bank or at the United Nations)
  • Human rights specialist who analyzes and helps resolve human rights issues for a corporation expanding abroad (professionals employed by the Ministry of Justice or an NGO; an attorney)
  • Specialist employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), or IDE-JETRO
Human Mobility

Becoming a Spokesperson / Journalist

  • Specialist journalist
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Public agent of a company or a University
  • Planner for a multinational cooperation (such as IT and Media)

Becoming a Mediator Between the Society and the Academia in the Fields of Life Sciences and Information

  • Founder or supporter of a venture
  • In-house researcher
  • Research support coordinator or administrator
the Environment

Solving the Problems of Science, Technology, and Society

  • Personnel specialist at an international or domestic organization
  • NPO member
  • Civil servant
  • Teacher
  • Science interpreter / communicator
Science, Technology,

Creating Universities, Companies, and Government Agencies Open to Society

  • Specialist employed by the international affairs department / international cooperation section at a University
  • Specialist working for an incorporated foundation, the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, or at the international division or the international personnel division of a multinational corporation
The Whole Program